Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A camera

I really wish I had a reliable camera. Mine eats batteries like it's nothing. And since it's a point and shoot, it's either over exposed or dark and grainy. Even when I use it outside.
I've started to lose interest in Louis' blanket. I knit a row or 2 at a time... But I'm still pushing myself.
I taught my mom how to use a Knifty Knitter yesterday. She had knee surgery done Monday, and she's stuck sitting around most of the time. She has carpal tunnel in both hands and holding knitting needles pretty much sucks for her. So she tried the smallest loom to make some baby hats, and she's already finished one. I want to have 30 hats done by Halloween and bring them somewhere. I was thinking the hospital, but they're a little big for newborns. Unless all newborns come out with a head as big as mine was. (I was almost 9 pounds, and my head was huge compared to my body. No health issues, though!)


  1. the only thing with that, sam, is that i would like to be able to photograph my knitting progress every other day... and with you in school, and me... being lazy? that's hard to do. lol

  2. oh, i thought you just wanted pictures of projects in general, lol. because i can do that whenever you want :)