Monday, June 29, 2009

Attracting attention

I was just tagged in a picture on Facebook, only it was not a picture of me.
It was one of my yarn bombs. It made me insanely happy. I sorta giggled and grinned with my silly mouth guard in. And then I drooled on myself.***
I love how most of our parking meters seem to have a slant to them.
This picture was taken by one of the members of Killbourne, an awesome all female band from Calgary, Alberta. I put this one up the night of the art show, outside of one of my favourite bars downtown other than Phog. Seeing this helps ease the pain of losing the giant tag. It's showing me that the work is being noticed.
And appreciated.

***I grind my teeth at night, so I have to wear a mouth guard. I keep it in sometimes during the day, because I clench my jaw. It makes me drool if my mouth is open too long.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Knitting sadness

Wow, nearly a week without updates! I guess this shows how busy I've been!
An other road trip happened, this time just a couple hours away. I did manage some knitting on the drive. Not enough to make up for what happened back at home.

The large piece that was surrounded in controversy a couple weeks ago is gone. It was not taken down by any of the parties involved with Dan's piece, this has already been checked out.
This really really bums me out. I really don't want any flack from anyone, I need to mourn the loss of my favourite piece.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Knitting and Tagging and Life in General

The weather is starting to get pretty warm and staying that way. I am hoping to keep up with the knitting. I will either keep chugging along with the tags, or move onto some nice cotton dishcloths.
I don't remember the last time I made dishcloths. I know I found one in my knitting closet that was THISCLOSE to being finished. And then I finished it. Other than that, not a clue as to when the last time I started one was.

As far as the tagging goes, everything is awesome. I went out bombing on Thursday, after craft night, and put up at least 5 pieces. I've been moving outwards from the general downtown area. And away from just parking meters. And away from the ground.
More information about this will come when I have pictures. I still depend on others to take pictures for me, because I still have NO idea where my camera is.

Updates will be getting a little more spread apart for the next little bit seeing as I haven't been knitting as much. I will keep them coming though!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm modifying the layout a bit, and you may be seeing some of my posts disappear or reappear at random times.
This will all be done within the next couple hours.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Pictures from Gendered Experience

The show on Friday night went well. I didn't sell a ton, but I made slightly more than what I had set my goal at. I did, however, meet a ton of awesome people.
Partway through the night, Steve came over and took a look at what I had. He modeled some of the winter-wear, and looked really good while doing it.
These pictures were taken by Sam, who also had a table at the show. She sold a few things, but I think this show was more about fun than money making.
If and when I ever start selling online, I plan on using local musicians, models and artists to model my things. Based solely on the antics that ensued while Steve was trying stuff on, he will be one of the first people I ask.
He is also known as Furs, and can be found on Myspace HERE.
This is just a goofy picture, and he's wearing one of the slouchy hats I made on the Knifty Knitter (that you can barely see, because of the lighting).
The more excited I am about something, the square-er my smile is. It's ridiculous. I was obviously having a blast here.
I had a ton of fun talking to all the artists and musicians and just generally hanging out.
I really really hope that Gendered Experience happens again.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is a knitting blog

I realize this is a knitting blog, but something has to be addressed. I may use a few inappropriate words in here, and I just wanted to warn you.
In my last post about stolen artwork, I received several anonymous comments peppered with foul language stating how "fucking stupid" I am for doing what I did. I'm sorry, but stealing artwork to cause a little controversy took way more brain cells than typing the words "fucking stupid" did.
The art is back in its place, and that was the plan from the get-go. I moved my piece around the corner into a much less visible place, because Denial asked me to.
Someone asked why I even bothered with approving the anon comments. I could have avoided all the potential drama caused by the wank from the people that don't have the balls to post even a first name.
I don't believe in censorship. Plain and simple. Especially censorship of the creative community.
I say the words "fuck" and "shit" a lot. I am aware of this. I don't say it around the elderly or the young. If I happen to hear others saying such things around those that I don't think should hear such things, I call them out. I have lost count of the number of times that I have politely asked people to watch their language on city buses and in other public places.
This is not censorship, this is asking for respect.
But to say that one cannot fully express their creativity IS censorship. I understand this can be spun around and one can say that in removing Denial's art, I am doing exactly what I am against.
No, that is not what I was doing.
What I was doing was starting shit.
And if you have a problem with a creative-type expressing herself, move to North Korea and eliminate all forms of self expression.

I encourage all forms of comment on this post. And Dan, if on the off chance that you stumble across this, and you still have a problem with what I did, let me know. I'll gladly stop by the gallery and further explain myself.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The secret knitting is revealed!

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I was starting a new tag, but that I couldn't say what it was.
First, watch this video (WARNING: some foul language is used)

Notice the Make Something Beautiful piece.

Now look at this.

That's the same piece.
Sitting in my kitchen.

Late last night, I went out with a couple friends, asked Dan to borrow his drill to fix my door (THIS IS THE TRUTH! a screw on my door pulled out of the frame and my screwdriver just wasn't cutting it.) and left out that we were stealing his graffiti.
We were in and out in under 10 minutes. and this time includes putting up the replacement piece.
This is where the knitting comes in.
I knit a red, black and white square, about 4 feet in size, to staple up in the place where this piece was.
Dan (the same Dan that made my business cards) contacted me this morning asking me to return the piece.
I happily obliged, and bought him a cake to apologize for any hard feelings. I also showed him pictures of the tag, it the original spot, and the new spot.
This is the start of the removal. I had it stapled up pretty securely, and it took a few minutes with flat-head screwdrivers to get them all out.
Once it was down, we screwed the original piece back into its permanent home and ran around the corner to hang the knitted version in a similar spot.
This is the new home, where I hope it stays for a few months. It's quite secure, and will take some effort to remove it.

I do hope that there are no hurt feelings for anyone involved in the original installation. This was meant to grab attention, and I hoped for no negative in that area.
I just like to start shit, and this seemed like the perfect way to do so.

Art show preparation

I've been knitting away on all sorts of things to sell at the art show Friday.
I have about five hats made so far, and I have an other one on the loom that I should have finished by tomorrow. They're all pretty awesome, if I say so myself! But then again, I may be a little biased.
I still need to drag out my craft show bin to see what I need to get before the show itself. Since I moved out on my own, I left quite a few things that I used for the shows at my parents house because it belonged to either my Mom or my Dad. I'll have to see if they will let me borrow what I need, or I'll have to find somewhere else to get it all.
I always leave art/craft show preparation to the last minute. I work better under a little pressure. I've never forgotten anything super important, and if I forget something less important, either I do without it, or I find a reasonable substitute.
Have you ever forgotten something super important for a craft show?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's Sunday!

I didn't start anything today, but yesterday, I did!
Like I mentioned in my last post, I am preparing for a small local show. I decided I'm going to make a few Knifty Knitter hats and see how those do. Nothing fancy, just straight tubes with 1 or 2 yarns at a time.
Short post today, I'm off to bed super early.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Preparing for a small show

On Friday June 12th, I will have a small table at a local art and music show.
I'm not 100% sure what I will be selling, as I don't think scarves will be the greatest idea for a late spring show.
I am looking for any suggestions of things to whip up quickly before then!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Knitted bicycle!

Well, sort of.
Darren, of Photo404 and Bike Windsor, has covered the frame of his bicycle in knitting.
I taught him how to knit at Broken City Lab and Craft Night At Phog over the past few weeks, and he ran with it. It looks even better up close.