Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Think This Is Heaven

Before you read anything else, click the photo to see it full size. I'll wait a moment till you come back.
All good?
ISN'T IT AWESOME!? It's all yarn! Look at it all! I'd love to have my yarn looking that nice. There are only two problems with this photo.
One is that I wouldn't know where to look for anything in particular. I'd need some sort of super organized organizational system. And I'm just not that organized at all.
Second I have no idea where it is from, or anything about it really. It looks like there is a weaving loom of some sort on the right? Or something? I don't even know.
If you have any idea where this is from, or where I can see other photos of the same studio PLEASE leave a comment!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Finally, a rEvolution

Today was the day. I finally brought a few items into rEvolution gallery+studio in Kingsville. I picked a few items from my massive stock pile of knitted things, and brought them in. Tamara, one of the owners, and I, along with her children, hung up my scarves and cowls on an awesome display rack in a pretty prominent part of the gallery.
rEvolution is pretty awesome, as I've mentioned before. I'm really hoping I can sell a few things out there, not just for me but for the studio/gallery itself. It's incredibly unique, and I'd love to see it succeed.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

This week's Very good Things

Life has been awesome lately! I really have noting to complain about.

  • Work is awesome! the cafe is great, as is Teaopia
  • Rick's brother came to visit for the weekend, and he's hilarious
  • I've been knitting a bit in my down time. Not as much as usual, but it's actually kind of nice to knit at my own leisure, instead of Needing to knit
  • Rick has been taking care of the house because I've been working so much
  • Delicious fancy ramen
  • Delicious food from pho xic lo
Life is good!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lost Projects and Some Progress

Do you ever lose track of some of your WIPs? Starting too many things in a short time frame, and just forgetting some. Or putting something heavy/warm (like a blanket of wool sweater) away for the warmer months, and the next time the cold hits, it slips your mind.
I went looking for some particular yarn the other day, and I came across a shawl and a blanket I started last winter. I don't remember ever blogging about the shawl, but the blanket I definitely have. They're both pretty neat items, and I'll be super happy once they're finished. I'm working on the shawl right now. It's pale pink, super thin, slightly fuzzy yarn. I totally love it.

I haven't forgotten about the Boneyard shawl. I recently joined the fourth (of six) skeins. I love how this yarn (Patons SWS) spit splices! I've never done that before this project, but it's awesome! I will soon post photos of the shawl. It's just hard to do now because it's all bunched up on the needles.

I have also been slowly sewing up baby booties that I had made over the summer. I have a store I want to bring them to, I just have to make some to have ready when they need them. I need to figure out a way to tag them. I want to have some sort of contact information attached to them, but I want it to be super professional looking.

What have all of you been up to?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This week's Very Good Things

In case you're new here, every Sunday I post about the Very Good Things that have happened in the week prior. This week has been particularly awesome.
  • I started work at Teaopia. I worked there last holiday season, and I'm back again this year.
  • I worked a bunch at Rino's Kitchen. Super awesome place.
  • I sold a few things at Phog. I am going to pick up what is left tonight.
  • I QUIT MY JOB AT ZEHRS! I worked at the same grocery store for just over 4 years, and it was finally time to say goodbye. I am so incredibly happy.
  • Rick being awesome and driving out of our way so we could go out to dinner at an awesome place.
Life is pretty swell. If I could get rid of this cold, it would be even better.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Very Good Things

For those of you who are new to my blog, every Sunday I post about the Very Good Things that have happened during the week prior. There have been quite a few this week.
  • I started my new job at Rino's Kitchen. This is a new, awesome cafe, owned by an awesome dude.
  • Found out I will start working on Monday at Teaopia. This is just for the holidays. I worked there last year, as well.
  • I've sold at least 4 things at my art show. Hopefully more since I last checked.
  • I've made HUGE progress on my Boneyard shawl.
  • Rick has been absolutely awesome.
  • I helped a lost little chihuahua find her way home yesterday.
  • We went out to see Ricks family last night
Life has been good! I just wish I could shake this darn cold.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Boneyard shawl

I cast on for the Boneyard shawl on Saturday night. I saw it on Watch Stephen Knit a while back, and then on Ravelry a bit later. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern. I learned how to m1l and m1r, instead of taking the easy way out and doing YOs instead.
This is what it looked like after about an hour of knitting. Those blue things are my stitch markers. (I really want to get actual stitch markers, but I have no idea what I want them to look like)
I knit the shawl on the bus, I knit the shawl while watching TV, I knit the shawl pretty much every chance I could. I LOVE this pattern!
The yarn is Patons SWS (Soy Wool Solids) in Natural Berry. I bought this yarn from a really cool market when Rick and I went on our road trip. The only downside to this yarn is that it is SUPER splitty, and it sheds a bit. I am hoping once I wash it, some of the extra fibres will come out.
This is where I stand with the shawl now. The stitches nearly fill up my 29 inch circular needle. I have 4 ridges done, and I am closing in on the fifth. I think I will be able to get there before the end of this first skein.
The pattern calls for about 650 yards of a different yarn, but doesn't give a finished size. The way this is going now, I may have enough yarn for two shawls!

In other news, I set everything up for the art show at Phog yesterday. I filled up more of the wall space than I thought I would, and I still have a few things to finish the ends on, and possibly bring in. My other option for those is to bring them into one of the stores I have on the line to sell stuff through. Decisions, decisions.

What have all of you been up to lately?