Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Hair Bows

Yesterday, I worked at Made In Windsor for the afternoon. I brought in more stock to sell, which I have mentioned here before, but never posted a picture.
These are the hair bows I've made in the past little bit, all packaged up and ready to go. They're just clipped onto pieces of cardstock that was in the scrap paper pie at the store. The top centre one was the first one that I made that I was satisfied with. They other ones are all a bit larger with a narrower band. I think I may make some multi-coloured ones soon. We will have to see.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Would you all care if...?

I am starting to be pretty regular in my irregular blogging here.
Would any of you care if I started posting about my personal life in addition to my knitting? I feel like most knit bloggers post about their kids/cooking/travels alongside their knitting.
I don't have kids, I don't cook, and I don't travel very far, but perhaps I could post about the shows I go to, or the people I meet?

Would anyone have any objections?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And then all was right in the world

You probably remember in my last post that I was having issues with my neck thing.
Well, all the problems were quickly resolved! I managed to undo the knitting back the 12 or 14 rows and pick up all the stitches once again. it took about an hour and a half to redo all the knitting I lost.
I have now set it aside, and picked up a few other projects. I started another hair bow, a dishcloth, started and finished a neck warmer, and I've been messing around with ideas for more warmers.
I am going to work on cleaning out my yarn closet very very soon.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pretty pink iPhone case

I just finished sewing up an iPhone case a few minutes ago. I love knitting these, the sewing up, not so much. It looks a little wonky in the picture, so I stretched and straightened after the photo, then put my iPhone in. Then realized I wouldn't be able to take a photo that way and laughed at myself. The button is a really nice simple white shank button with a metal shank and little metal bit showing on the front. It looks really nice with the pink yarn. I do have to find more inexpensive shank-style buttons because my small stash is starting to run out. Perhaps I could use beads instead... No lack of supply there!
I have enough of this yarn to make a hair bow, and possibly half of another bow after the first.
I am going to be bringing this case along with my first batch of hair bows into Made In Windsor either today or sometime next week.
I have also completed another neck warmer with the off-white Thick and Quick I bought last week. That is in my "art show" pile. None of those things have their ends woven in. I am not sure if I will regret this later on down the line or not. Haha.
The airy dusty pink triangle scarf is still a work in progress. I have started feeling a bit burnt out on the fine yarn, fine needles, and endless yards of garter stitch.
OH NO!!! Ok, so, I knit while I am writing these posts, and an entire row of the triangle scarf has to be pulled out and re-knit. There are several odd mistakes in ONE ROW! This is awful and awesome at once. First, I found the mistakes right away, second, it's all in one place more or less. But, this yarn is a pain in my butt!!!
Hopefully this works out, I need to focus!
Edited to add only seconds later; I DROPPED A STITCH 10 ROWS BACK! I AM SO AFRAID RIGHT NOW!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scarves, Bows, Cables and Business Cards

Michael's had a sale on a few types of yarn that I use, so I bought some the other day. A skein of Homespun and some Vanna's Choice to match, as well as a skein of Thick and Quick. I also got a pair of short needles (7 inch, if I remember correctly).
I started a neck warmer with the Thick and Quick. It's in seed stitch, and a little larger than I usually make them. I like the way it looks so far. Just a few more rows and I'll have it finished. I also started on a kerchief/scarf sort of thing with some of the yarn that was given to me by my friend's mom. It's a light, airy, almost lacy triangle of goodness. It's a dusty pink, very fine yarn, and I am pretty sure it is 100% acrylic. I'm not sure, and I don't want to burn any of it to check. The only downside to this yarn is that is tangles really easily. I have to stop quite often to get enough yarn out to knit the rest of the row and untangle it.
I have also ween working on the hair bows quite a bit. I got some good reviews from some friends, so I will keep plugging away at them.

I want to learn how to do cables. Yes, I know, ten or so years of knitting, and I've never done them. I've watched videos, and read tutorials, but I just can't quite grasp it. I think I need a one on one teacher.

I need to get more business cards made. I am very close to not having any of the ones I currently use, which are horribly outdated anyway. I have no idea where to order them from. I keep being told Vista Print, but I've had bad experiences with them, as have some of my friends. Any suggestions?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Not a whole lot to show

It's been two weeks since my last post. You'd think I would have a lot to show for it, but in reality, I didn't get much knitting done.
I did go to Niagara Falls and London with my boyfriend. We had a good time. I had the role of (bad) navigator. I got us all turned around on some back roads. We did eventually make it to the Falls. We left for London the following day.
I worked at Made In Windsor a whole lot. Sold a few of my things. I brought in some iPhone cases (finally) and sold one. It's quite simple, and I enjoy making them. Christine, the owner, told me the girl that bought it had been looking for one like it for some time. I am going to make another one in the same colour to replace it soon. This isn't the one that sold. It is the first one I made that I was completely happy with. I love that bright blue colour.
I made some of the hair bows that I was planning on making for a while. They're not all assembled, but there is a start to them. I need to find a hair clip to put them on that I really like.
I did a bit of experimenting with some knitted jewelry. I am unhappy with both versions that I have so far. I want to find a way to make them look nice, yet still remain simple enough where I will not get frustrated.
I went to Art In the Park and purchased a gift for my parents. I am going to give that to them sometime this week. It was unfortunately rained out on Sunday, so I'm not sure how well the vendors did.
Despite not having much to show for all of this, I did get some stuff done that I wanted to do. I am going to keep plugging away at all of them, and hopefully, by November, my art show at Phog will be a success!