Saturday, January 31, 2009

Top Dropper Day!

Entrecard has decided today is Top Dropper Day! I'd like to thank everyone who dropped on me over the last 31 days!
My top droppers for the month of January were (Note the URLs link to the blogs EC profile):
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The finished blanket!

I recently finished my Bernat blanket and decided to keep it for myself! It's just the right size to wrap around myself when I'm at the computer or watching TV or knitting (obviously). So far, it's been keeping me just warm enough and my family hasn't tried to take it from me yet.
This is the only picture that I managed to take before my batteries died. The colour in the post I linked is very close to the actual colours of the blanket. That's where the blanket stays when I'm not using it. You can see my current yarn mess on the floor next to my laptop. (I have also started an other square for blankets for Canada) This chair is where I spend most of my computer and knitting time, which is why everything is within reach!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Start Something Sunday

Today is Sunday. I am thinking that every Sunday I should Start Something. Whatever that Some Thing is, I will blog about it. I have all sorts of ideas in my head, and yarn in my stash, but the two never seem to come together. If I make a plan to blog every Sunday about something I started in the week prior, I will get many of these ideas used up. As for finishing all these ideas, maybe I will start with a Finish That! Friday post!

Today, I started a scarf. Yet an other seed stitch in the recently acquired Thick & Quick. This time, it's in the Raspberry colour, and 11 stitches wide. I am still using the 10mm needles, because I love the way the fabric looks when knit up on that size.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Blankets for Canada

A few days ago, Samantha, Dan and I went to a Blankets for Canada meeting. This is the second time I had attended one of these nights, and their first. I brought a few squares I had made over the past few months, as well as one that I had on the needles.

This is the square I had on the needles when I got there. I have NO IDEA what sort of yarn it is, because I acquired it through someone else when they were cutting down their stash. After finishing this one, I used a skein of dusty pink, fairly thin yarn paired with an off white to make my second square. I finished it a day or two after the meeting, and I will bring it in next time we go. The squares are quick to knit, and very little thought is required while knitting them. I follow the Grandma's Favourite pattern, until I get 8 inches on one side, and then start decreasing. It's my nearly fail-proof way of getting a perfect square.

This is Dan and his square. Which is much improved over his knit "thing" when he first started knitting. I'm not sure of his progress on the square, but I'm sure Sam will keep me updated!
(As nearly always, the pictures are courtesy of the loverly Samantha)

Charity knitting is something I have done in the past, and it's something anyone can do. I'm hoping to continue making squares with my leftover bits for as long as I am knitting!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Seeing other knitters

Today at work, I saw several hand knit scarves being worn by various people. I commented on a few of them, and many were shocked to find out that I am also a knitter. Apparently, having pink hair does not scream I AM A KNITTER by any means.
Several of the ladies asked about what I make, and unfortunately, I was at work, and couldn't sit down have have a knit talk with any of them. I'm planning on bringing my cards with my blog address into work for the next few days and give them out!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fourty two!

Where on Earth did all of you come from?
I haven't been keeping up with how many followers I have, and I happened to glance at the number today, and I HAVE 42 FOLLOWERS.
This makes me feel special. It also makes me feel required to produce more interesting, quality and regular posts. Nothing like an audience to give you a motivating kick in the pants!
What I want to know from all of you is where you found me!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A gift!

The scarf I finished a few days ago has been given as a gift. Generally, I don't knit with a specific recipient in mind. Instead, I knit the item, and as it progresses, an ideal person comes to mind.
This one was perfect for my boyfriend, T. Now, T asked for a "dragon blood coloured scarf". What colour is dragon blood?
Black. But not just any black. The blackest black that exists is still not as black as dragon blood. It is merely "off black".
Where to find yarn dyed with dragon blood? I searched Etsy with no luck. I figured black form Lion Brand would have to do.
He was quite happy with it, and didn't take it off the entire time I was there.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fresh off the needles!

I've been working on this scarf for the past few days. It's a seed stitch scarf in Black from the yarn I picked up a couple weeks ago. It's 13 stitches wide on 10 mm needles, and I just knit the entire skein. I'm thinking I'm going to start doing the Thick & Quick scarves with 11 or 12 stitches. Since the yarn is so thick, it makes it a little hard to wrap around your neck.
I come with a terrible cell phone picture once again. I can't find my memory card for my camera, so this will have to do for now!
After this, I'm hoping to get that blanket finished. I'm almost done the skein I have right now, and the last skein is hiding in my stash. I'm going to dig through today to try and find it!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Entrecard Multitasking

In my last post, Linh of Crafting Bliss asked how I manage to knit and drop Entrecards at the same time. This is something that is easily doable, especially if you have a somewhat slow internet connection.
The first step is to log into Entrecard and go to your Drops Inbox. In the drop-down menu, select Cards you Haven't Dropped On. This eliminates repeats during the next step.
I then proceed to open every single card in a new tab in my internet browser. Browsers are different, but generally, right clicking on the Entrecard and selecting Open Link In New Tab does the job.
Once I open all the cards that were shown on the first page (usually around 20 to 30) I wait, because all the pages will take time to load. Instead of sitting mindlessly, I grab my knitting. I try to knit at least 2 rows on a scarf or 1 row on a blanket before I go to drop the cards.
As I drop the card, I close the window. Once I get down to just the Drops Inbox window, I refresh the page and start all over again!
This is my method of card dropping. I prefer to drop back on people that have dropped on me in the past. If you have any other suggestions, or would like me to drop on your site, please leave a comment!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More frequent updates!

My dear readers, I am very sorry for the lack of regular updates.
My boyfriend has converted me to the dark side. No, not that Dark Side, but the dark side that is World Of Warcraft. This game has consumed many of my waking hours. This game has stolen precious knitting time, blog reading time, and blog posting time.
I have promised myself that certain things need to be done before I can play.

The first is knitting at least 5 rows of whatever is closest to me. Right now, this is a seed stitch scarf I'm knitting out of new stash. I also still have the Baby Boucle blanket on the needles. I have about a skein and a half to go on it. It's a perfect lap blanket size for when my Dad doesn't feel like turning the heat on.

Second, I must read at least half of the updates in my Google Reader. I subscribe to over 150 blogs, and I read nearly every update. This gets time consuming. I am trying to lower my number of subscriptions to no more than 125.

I am also trying to drop at least 100 Entrecards a day. This doesn't take too much time, and I often do it while knitting.

Lastly, I want to update this blog more often. Any time I cast on something new, or finish something, or find a really cool something or other online, you will find an update here.

All this must be done before I can play video games.
All this must be done before I can play video games.
All this must be done before I can play video games.
All this must be done before I can play video games.
Maybe if I keep telling myself that, it will actually happen, or even do itself.
A girl can wish, right?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Lemonade Award

I would like to thank Sweetwater Designs for giving me the Lemonade Award. I follow so many blogs, I have no idea who I would pass this on to.
Thank you very much!

The end of the Original T-Shirt Art Show

I finally picked up my scarves from Phog on Saturday. Tom had them in a couple small boxes in the back, and when I saw how few were there, I was happy. I sold nearly half of them, and made a good chunk of change, especially considering all I had to do was bring them in.
If you're ever in Windsor, you should really check out the bar. It's located at 157 University, not far from the bus station. Tom always has something going on.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Stash Acquisition

A few days ago, I went yarn shopping with my friend Chris. Much of the yarn at Michael's was on sale between boxing day and about a week later.
I purchased 5 skeins of Wool Ease Thick & Quick. I love this stuff. It's super warm, knits up quickly and has the benefits of wool, without the risk of felting and itchiness.
I plan on making scarves with each one of the skeins.
I got the following colours:
103 Blosson
106 Sky Blue
112 Raspbery
138 Cranberry
153 Black
I'm headed back in that direction today with Mom, and we might stop by to see if there is anything else I want.