Friday, August 29, 2008

I think I lied

I just re-counted my stitches... i have 203... and i've got about 20 or 30 rows since the half way point...
that means i probably had 223 stitches...
i really need to get going on this! sorry for the typos in this post!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008



The blanket for Louis topped out at 213 stitches. That's a crazy amount... It's a tiny bit smaller than what I was hoping for. But I'm already going crazy with this... And, if I bought more yarn, I would be losing money on this... If it were a gift, that's to be expected, but this is something he asked for me to knit for him...

I'm in the home stretch now... I see the end!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More yarn!

I needed more yarn for the Homespun blanket I'm doing for Louis. I'm going up to Ottawa this Saturday, so I'm busting my butt to get it done.
I picked up one skein of each colour and used the 40% off one item coupons from Michael's (my mom got one, I got the other)
I also picked up 3 skeins of Bernat cot'n tots (or something like that) 2 solid pinks (one light, one dark) and a variegated pink/white. Those are all for ribbon cloths.
I also got 6 skeins for some Bernat baby something. Those were on for 3$ a skein, and I think an extra 25% off... Maybe, I'll have to check the receipt.
Louis' blanket is kicking my ass... I'm nearly at the halfway polint, so the rows are 200 ish stitches long... Takes me a lot longer to get the rows done... But, with the temporary job I have (a secretary type) I'm getting MINIMUM 4 hours of prime knitting time each day, and at least 2 more of slightly distracted knitting time.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

SO sorry!

My apologies for neglecting this blog!
I have been working on a new blog over the last couple days.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scarf of Epic Proportions!

I found this scarf a little while back in a LiveJournal community I'm in. Right away I though that it would require a blog of its own.
Cassie, a knitter from Georgia, took on the task of knitting the Super Mario Brothers level 1-1 into a scarf after her boyfriend, Jason, suggested she try her hand at "geek knitting".

She trucked along for a while, and then decided to take a break. Jason tempted her to finish it by saying he would propose to her once it's completed. That's a reward if I ever heard one!

Cassie has been making the pattern up as she goes along, and is knitting the entire scarf in Intarsia. All the little details, such as the question marks, the coins and the Goombas will be added in later. This seems like a great idea to me! Much less to fuss around with for the time being.

So far, the scarf is about 6 feet long, and she's about a third of the way there. This is a task of epic proportions. I can't wait to see how it turns out! And the ring she gets!

Picture taken from Cassie's blog

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dishcloths and blankets

Don't worry, I haven't disappeared, I'm still knitting away!
Louis' blanket is getting bigger and bigger, and heavier and heavier. I'm thinking 200 stitches at its widest will be big enough. But I'll have to see how much yarn I have...
I've been doing some work on some dishcloths. I had one of the ribbon ones going, but for one reason or an other, my brain wasn't able to count, so I had to undo all but 3 rows. I figured, if I was going that far back, I might as well undo it all.
I'm also thinking of pricing on the dishcloths... For the plain dishcloths, $3 each, or 2 for $5. And the larger ones, either with a design (like the ribbon) or any sort of pattern, $6 each. And then I can do 2 small and a large for 10$. I am sort of selling myself short on these... But I enjoy knitting them, and my cost for materials is fairly low. Also, most of the time I knit them, I'm either on the bus, or watching television.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


My stash lacks organisation. I have everything everywhere.
I've had quite a lot of scraps donated to my mom and I to do charity knitting. Because of this, we have a lot of small leftover balls of unknown yarns.
We also are easily tempted by sales on pretty yarns. This is why we have piles of somewhat scratchy acrylic. Red Heart, Bernat etc etc etc.
I have my blanket yarn. Two skeins of this, 2 of that. Seven colours of Homespun for MY eventual afghan (as soon as I find a pattern I like). Four skeins of one colour to pair up with some others and make a few blankets.

My goal for Christmas-time is to have ALL of my yarn fit into the storage I have for them. One way to do this is making these. I'm sure I could make them out of other types of yarn. Soft acrylic, maybe? Make a whole pile of them, and then tie all the ends in, sew them up and donate some to the hospital, some to the Downtown Mission, give some away? Oh, the possibilities!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Let the Games begin!

Just woke up, and I'm watching the Opening Ceremonies. And the first thing I thought (right after "Holy, that's a lot of people!") was "I wonder how many people are frogging for the first time?"
I can't wait to see what everyone is knitting!
I will certainly participate in the next Knitting Olympics. Unless I'm there, participating in the opening ceremonies. Since the Olympics are in my home country in 2010, I figured now is the best time to go!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Olympics (mostly non-knitting related)

I'm not participating in the Ravelympics because of my wrist issues. But this is important to me.

Canada's Sikh hockey players to don turbans at Olympic ceremony
Indo Asian News Service
Last Updated: August 06, 2008 23:20:03

Toronto, Aug 7 (IANS) Four Sikh players in the Canadian hockey team and their assistant coach will don red turbans at the Olympic opening ceremony Friday.
Though the players - Ravi Kahlon, Bindi Kullar, Gabbar Singh and Ranjeev Deol - don't wear turban in their daily life, they said they want to don it at the world stage to highlight their Sikh religious symbol, reported Canada's Canwest wire service.
Assistant coach Nicki Sandhu said he too will join the four players in wearing the turban on the occasion.
However, two other Goan-origin players - Wayne Fernandes and Ken Pereira - and chief coach Louis Mendonca will not wear turbans at the ceremony.
Forward Ravi Kahlon said they want to challenge the identity issue by wearing turbans at the opening ceremony.
'I want to show that you can wear a turban and still be Canadian,' Kahlon said. 'When some of them first heard about this, a few said, 'This is the Canadian team, not the Indian team'.'
But a turban is a Sikh religious symbol and in no way an Indian national symbol, Kahlon said.
'This is no different than wearing a cross on your chest or a Jewish yarmulke during the opening ceremonies, which nobody would have any problem with,' the Indian-origin player said.
'We're a country of immigrants and this is a celebration of Canada and the fact that in our country, you can be anything you want to be,' he added.
He said he was born to Indian-origin parents who went through the immigrant experience. 'My dad had to cut his beard and lose his turban to get a job when he came to Canada in 1970. Now we can choose to wear a turban or not and it doesn't affect anybody making a living. Now we can celebrate that evolution of our country.
'During the opening ceremonies, I want people to think about Canadians coming in all kinds of packages, and yet we're all still Canadians.'
It's that part of Canada, he said, he has chosen to celebrate when marching into the massive Bird's Nest Stadium Friday behind Canadian flag-bearer Adam van Koeverden Friday.
Team captain Rob Short, who learnt hockey with Kahlon in the city of Victoria, said he supported his Sikh players' decision to wear turban at the opening ceremony.
Short said: 'The Sikh community in British Columbia has been very good to us - it raised $15,000 in one weekend to help in our preparations for Beijing - and as captain, I have no problem with this (turbans in the opening ceremonies).'
'We all bring something of our backgrounds to our national team and as Canadians at the Olympics. This is a part of who Ravi, Bindi, Ranjeev and Gabbar are. My parents are English and that's why I came to play field hockey and not ice hockey,' the captain said.
This is something that has been all over the news.
I, for one, support these men. Religion is a form of self expression. Being Canadian, they have that right.
I wish them the best of luck.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hundred and One things

I have quite a large amount of bookmarked websites on my computer. From blogs I regularly read, to things I would like to knit, to sites I fill out surveys on for money, to home made tortillas. I don't know when this happened. (sometime after Christmas, I'm sure. If it happened before, I swear I didn't steal this computer!) But on every other computer I've ever used, I had MAYBE 5 book marks...

I have NO idea how to categorize these things! Right now, my most used ones are:
--Crafty Blogs
--Knitting Blogs
--Other Blogs
-Crafty Stuff
My problem is, within the blogs, some fit into crafty and knitting. And then occasionally, neither. And then, the patterns, let's not get started there! I have so many random patterns in there, I don't know how I find any of them!
I'm looking for suggestions, my dear readers, how should I categorize my links?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Taking it easy!

Well, I'm back!
I've been keeping my wrist somewhat immobilized as often as I can. Also, I've been observing my typing and knitting posture more. I've noticed how bent I often keep my wrists. I now try to keep them straight to reduce the strain. This slows down my typing and knitting, but I guess I'm better slow now, than handicapped later!
I'm chugging along on the Homespun blanket for Louis. It's 115 stitches wide on US 11 needles. I still LOVE the way the Grandma's dishcloth pattern looks blanket-sized. I don't know how wide this will get to. I should have bought 4 of each colour, instead of 2. That would make it a little easier to figure out where half is... I might be able to get to Michael's and find the same dye lot.

I'm trying to increase traffic here. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get the name out, please, do tell!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Bad Timing

I think I may have carpal tunnel.
It's a combination of knitting and typing.
I'm taking a break from both for a little while, sadly...