Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy Busy!

One week until the fashion show, and I am still unsure what I will be showing. And I need to figure out what I will be wearing. This could get silly.
If I am extra quiet the next few weeks, it's because I am preparing for the upcoming shows I have, and because I have a load of other things going on right now.
Once things start happening, I will let you all know. Until then, I don't want to jinx it!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Self Portrait Monday: September 26, 2011

It's Monday once again! I am a little late in the day with this post, but it's here!
I am currently casting off an infinity scarf, made out of Bernat Berella 4, in Ultra Pink. It's one of the Susan G Komen colours. I picked this yarn up ages ago, and I am finally using it now. This is the second infinity scarf in the past couple weeks. The first one, which I blogged about last week, is a really nice, bright blue. I will hopefully have pictures of all of these after the fashion show.
Wait, I don't think I've mentioned that yet... On Friday, October 7th, I will have a few pieces in a local fashion show. I'm not sure how many pieces just yet, so I am trying to make a variety of items, and then decide which to use once I see what the models will be wearing. Because I am doing accessories, I will be paired up with a t-shirt designer.
In addition to the fashion show, I have a two day craft show in the middle of October, and a one day show at the end. I will be knitting my little fingers off until then!

This Friday, I am taking part in Knit-A-Thon North America, and you can too! It's being organized by LeeLee Hats, and is happening all over the place. Check out the Facebook event page for more information.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two New Treasuries!

Some of my items were featured in TWO treasuries yesterday! I was so excited when I got the notifications.
You can see all the treasuries I've been featured in Here.
The two from yesterday are

Cool Picks For A Teenage Girl

Blues and Whites for Winter Nights

Thanks for including my items!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Missed Monday

Yes, yesterday was Monday, and normally, I post a self portrait. But, I worked yesterday morning, and when I got home, Rick and I had dinner, and then we went out to see a movie. (Drive, with Ryan Gosling was AMAZING. Not what I expected, but definitely great)
Just a quick update here, nothing fancy, because I'm not feeling great, and I have to get my butt to the gym.
I started an "infinity scarf." I kind of hate that name, but that's the only thing to call it. It's pretty long, 10x10 rib, and I'm enjoying the knitting. At some point, I messed up and switched the direction I was knitting in. I had a big glob of yarn to sort out and I had no idea what to do. I ended up frogging a couple rows, and suddenly the yarn was going what I thought was backwards. Then, I realized that was forwards the entire time.
Have you ever done that?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Icelandic Stash Enhancement

Once I found out I was going to Iceland, I knew my yarn stash would grow. I tried to keep it reasonable, and I think I succeeded.
I purchased just nine skeins of yarn, and one of them has already been used fully. A second is about 80% used.
For some reason, they are uploading the wrong way. I've tried rotating them several times, and they don't want to stay. Anyway, six skeins of Bulkylopi from Istex. I bought all of these from the Handknitting Association of Iceland. The larger of the two stores in Reykjavik, the one on Skólavörðustígur, has quite a yarn selection. One of the medium grey has been turned into a cabled neckwarmer for Rick. It's starting to get cool here, so he should be able to wear it soon when he takes the dog out. I am making another neckwarmer for myself with the darker grey. This one is also cabled, but not in the same way as Rick's. Once they are both completed, I will have a photo of them.
The second bunch of Icelandic yarn I got is from the Thingborg Wool Centre. If I understood correctly, it is both hand spun and dyed. The label on them all say Cochineal, and I am assuming that is what was used to dye it, but I cannot be sure. Each skein is about 28 grams. I am hoping to make some sort of lacy little neck thing out of it. I'll have to see exactly how much I have, and go from there.
Two nights ago, Rick and I had to make a Michael's run for some cotton. The other lovely lady I know that is having a baby found out she is having a girl. She's not a pink fan, so I had to pick up two small skeins of another colour for her blanket. Two of the small Bernat skeins are all I picked up.
Overall, I am up 11 skeins, and then down one, for a change of +10 since the last update. This brings me to a net change of +6.
I've also knit an additional four hats for LeeLee hats, which I don't yet have a photo of. I ran a table at a show today for them, and did two of the hats there. Since I started the Knit The Stash attempt, I have made 40 items! That's not half bad, considering I started at the end of June. I am going to try to power through some of my smaller skeins so I can actually feel like I am making progress. Two steps forward, four steps back. Isn't that how it goes?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Quick Iceland Mention

Back home safe and sound, though a little tired. We had an amazing time. I saw lots of sheep, bought two lopapeysur, bought NINE skeins of yarn, and ate so much delicious food, and so so SO much more.

I met Ragga from Knitting Iceland, who was absolutely awesome. She took a photo of Rick and I in our lopi sweaters and put them on
We met some great people from all over the world.
I knit a cabled cowl with one of the skeins for Rick. Started a second one for myself. Also cabled, but not as extensively.
I also purchased a pair of hand knit socks and mittens from a little shop just outside of Selfoss. I am pretty excited to wear them. Rick got an amazing hand knit hat from The Þingborg Wool Center (pronounced Thing-Borg)
I almost pet some sheep (more on that another day) but I did managed to pet a few cute dogs.
Overall, our trip was fairly fibre-oriented. I will certainly be posting more about the entire trip in the upcoming couple weeks. It's still a lot to process, and I am much too tired to do all that right now.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


So much has happened in Iceland!
We don´t have reliable internet, and we didn´t bring our computers, anyway.
I am having loads of fun, and as soon as we get back, I will have some awesome pictures to share!