Sunday, March 30, 2008

An interesting livejournal group

I recently joined Homespun Helpers. This is a Live Journal community that set it self a goal of 4000 handmade items donated to charity in 2008. In 2007, they had set and attained a goal of 3000.
All you have to do to participate is knit, sew, crochet or just MAKE anything, take a picture, donate it to charity and post something there. An other way to help out is to sell something hand made, and have the proceeds go to charity.
This is something I'm going to support as much as I can this year. I have already made a few hats on my Knifty Knitters, and as soon as I find a place to donate them, I will be!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Yellow Dishcloth

Since my last update, I've been terribly sick. In that time, I have only been able to knit 6 rows, so I'm up to row 28. Or something. I have no idea, I might have to frog part of it. I may have knit some rows more than once.

I hate being sick.

Anyway, here is a picture of the cloth, thus far because the picture on the site doesn't work. Excuse the terrible lighting, and the cell phone picture, I'm still not feeling that great, and darkness is my friend right now.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I went to Michael's with Sam yesterday. Spent only about 60$ on yarn. A bunch of Red Heart Baby Clouds (for baby blankets) and some Bernat Cotton Tots (for dishcloths).
I will post pictures once I get my camera back from downstairs.
Right now, I'm going to knit this cloth out of yellow Cotton Tots.
Here is my status. It's also going to eliminate the ned to print a copy of the pattern.
9:00 am: started
9:54 am: finished row 5
Had Easter Breakfast with the family here. I havn't had eggs in a long time. This breakfast reminded me why. Bleh! I did have Boca Breakfast Links, though. I LOVE those!
10:33 am: just finished row 7. The way this is looking, I look like a terribly slow knitter! I've been watching movies, and talking to my mom about what I'm trying to do with all the yarn I bought last night!
10:43 am: Row 10 complete. Taking a break to get dressed and ready for the day!
10:55 am: Row 12 complete.
12:00: Row 15 complete, and off to Easter brunch
1:45 pm: Finished row 22.
My skein of yarn exploded. there must have been a tangle on the inside, because about half the skein came out with a slight tug on the working end of the yarn.

Friday, March 21, 2008

kind of confused

p k p k p k p k p
k k k k k k k k k
k p k p k p k p k
k k k k k k k k k
p k p k p k p k p
k k k k k k k k k
k p k p k p k p k
k k k k k k k k k
k p k p k p k p k
k k k k k k k k k
k p k p k p k p k
k k k k k k k k k
k p k p k p k p k
k k k k k k k k k
k p k p k p k p k
k k k k k k k k k
I have no idea what either one of these will look like. I'm making a dishcloth out of the second one right now. I will post a picture as soon as im done.
UGH! must frog after 3 rows. The needles are too big to get the stitch definition I want.


So, I know everyon uses dishcloths, so I knit a ton of them. I'm tired of the diagonally knit ones, though.
I still want something fast and easy, where I can memorize the pattern. I was thinking just moss or seed stitch.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

oh. my. god. SO CUTE!

I just found this link somewhere on livejournal, and I had to share.

It links back to This Blog.

Please check it out.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Craft Show


Well, the craft show is done. It was this past Saturday, the 15th, and in my opinion, it went OK. Not great. Not terrible. Just OK.
I sat just inside the main doors, next to Sam, and on the her other side, was my cousin Kelly selling cards. Next to Kelly, was Cindy, selling tea.
It wasn't as busy as I had hoped for. Some of the vendors did do fairly well, though. That is Sam at her booth. Hers was by far the most creative booth out of all the vendors. I was totally promoting the life out of her booth, telling everyone that she was selling cat toys. She sold a few, I wish she sold more.

Here is the grease-ball. AKA me. You can see the dishcloths right in front. I sold all the ones that had something on them, except for one of the ribbon cloths.
That's something else I do. I make hemp and beaded bracelets and necklaces. Until I just looked at this picture, I never realised how many I have made. Sam's fish-on-a-fluffy-stick, as modeled by Laura.
SOME of the scarves I have made. I'm guilty of the over use of novelty yarn. The orange scarf on the left, and the orange-y one on the right were the only 2 that sold at the show. I didn't expect to sell any, being mid-March and all.

That's it for the pic-spam. I'm hoping to do an other show in mid-fall.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A suggestion from Cam

Just a few minutes ago I was talking to my friend, CAM about this blog. (CAM's real name is Christoper, I have no idea why he's CAM)

Anyway, I told him I was looking for something to put on the blog, meaning a picture, I'm assuming he thought I meant subject matter. He suggested Bears. I told him I was updating my knitting blog, so he then said Knitting Bears. I dismissed it as an other crazy Cam-comment.

He then sent me THIS!

WHAT IS IT? I have no idea. I'm thinking it's like one of those bears that runs around smashing cymbals together. Only better.
All I know is that I think I want one.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Baby Blanket

Here is what I have so far of the baby blanket. I purchased 3 skeins of Red Heart's Baby Clouds for this project. I think I might have to buy more.

It's 44X12 inches so far. I was planning on 36X36, but I think baby blankets can be rectangular? I have no idea.

Excuse the mess. I was in a rush to take a picture, and I didnt kick everything out of the frame

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Comissioned piece!

I'm so excited right now! I went to see my hairstylist, Christine, the other day, and we got to talking about my upcomming craft show. She suddenly goes OH MY GOD! WANT TO KNIT A BABY BLANKET FOR ME? Immediately, I assume she's pregnant. Nope, not the case, it's for her sister, who is due within a month or so.

She wants a blue baby blanket, and if possible, the words My Baby Boy in Greek on the bottom edge. That part, I'm not so sure about.
I've started knitting it allready. I bought 3 skeins of Red Heart Baby Clouds, in the Blue Sky colourway. I'm thinking i might need at least one more skein. I have no idea. But the awesome thing about this yarn is that there is no dye lot.
It's about 100 stitches across, on I-don't-know-what sized needles. Simple garter stitch. I woul probably forget halfway through if i was knitting some sort of pattern.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Going Green

So, I knit Cup Cozys, as I call them. Basically, they are a greener replacement for the paper sleeves chain coffee stores put on your cup to keep you from burning your hands. They are also green in the sense that I use all my scraps for them. I only need a tiny bit for each one, and I make most of them striped, anyway.
(Not the best picture, but you get the idea)
They are ribbed, usually 2X2, but sometimes something else, and fit nicely over your cup. The pink one, red one and 3 striped ones aren't sewn yet. I knit them flat, cause I hate that little bump you get at the cast on and off points. I know there's a trick to avoiding that, but I haven't looked too hard for it.
These are obviously being sold at my craft show.

Knitting in Second Cup Part 2

Remember this post? Where I had to fix Jessica's scarf in Second Cup? This is how it went down.
I used a straw and a stir stick. It held up well, I just saw her yesterday, and you wouldn't even know it was fixed the way it was.