Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The scarf is finished, among other things

I finished Rick's scarf the other day, it's been given to him, and he's worn it a couple times. He loves it. He said he'd take pictures once he's figured out a creative way to photograph it.

I bought 5 small skeins of Bernat Handicrafter cotton to make dishcloths for a Christmas gift. Not saying who they're for, just in case she happens to read this. These will have to wait a while before I start working on them. I do have a good reason for this, promise! (I'll tell you more about this at the end of the post)

I started working on a Thick and Quick scarf in Fig. I love this yarn, I know I've said it before, but it's true. I love the colours it is available in. I love the way it feels. I love how easy it is to knit with. I may start ordering this yarn wholesale, if my sales at Made In Windsor pick up a little.

The reason I have to wait on the dishcloths for Christmas, is because I have my first craft show of the year! I'm back at Iler Lodge (where I did my first show) on the first Saturday of November. This will be the first time I go back there since almost a year ago. Both of my maternal grandparents lived there, and it is an amazing place. The way this show works is that each vendor donate a portion of their proceeds instead of paying a table fee, and those funds go to the residents activities. I enjoy the way this works. If I don't sell anything, it costs me nothing. If I sell a whole bunch of stuff, I donate accordingly. The Fig scarf is for this show, as is the Lion Homespun hat I have started on the green Knifty Knitter loom. Oh, and the 5 or so other dishcloths I have made in as many days.

This is starting to become addictive again! I have started knitting on the city bus more and more. And when I go to Phog, I make sure to bring knitting with me, even if it isn't craft night!


  1. do you find that you feel like knitting more because it's getting cold out? i feel like i haven't knit in forever since it's so boring to knit in the summer, lol.

    good luck at your craft show : )

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