Monday, July 19, 2010

Just one of those weeks...

Everyone gets them, and I am in the middle of one right now.
I am currently in a bit of a funk. My knitting isn't cooperating, my wrists are bugging me, and I can't stay focused on anything. I started on a really nice cowl, but I failed to notice that it was double twisted around the circular needle. I frogged that (the third time I frogged that particular project) and started a simple garter stitch scarf with the same yarn and needles.
Then my wrists started hurting again. I tried stretching them and then resting them, and they're still not 100%.

I think I just need a break from everything. I'm going to my boyfriends house for a few days this week. They have a pool and a hot tub, so I'll be able to relax there.


  1. Booo for funks. I am slowly emerging from a two week long one, I think. I don't know what frogging means, but I think it's my new favourite verb. Buck up!

  2. I am having one of those weeks too. I don't feel motivated to do anything. I have a pile of clothes to wash, a pile of dirty dishes and I just feel like doing nothing. It's been 98 degrees in NYC so the weather definitely has something to do with my mood. The pool sounds like fun... My parents have a pool so I might go there :)

  3. Ahh no, give your wrists awhile to rest! And ask your boyfriend nicely to give you a hand/wrist massage!

  4. I think a knitting funk at this time of year is called "summer". I was in a funk so I set out on a quest to knit ballband dishcloths. I ended up with ten (and the desire to knit more) and now I'm moving back to my WIPs. Oh July weather, not so good for knitting.