Sunday, February 17, 2008

Make it up as you go along.

Last night, I went out for coffee with my friend Jessica. I knit her a scarf a little while back out of Lion Brand Homespun in Florida Keys Green. Simple garter stitch. The only problem I found with it is that weaving in ends is fairly tedious. (I plan on knitting an afghan out of this in the future, I have the yarn and needle already, I just ahve to cast on) Jess showed me a problem with the bound off edge. Basically, it came undone, and started to ladder. I had no needles to fix it with, so, being at Second Cup, I got 2 stir sticks and re-knit a few rows. She has a picture of me doing it, but I havn't gotten it yet.
I guess you have to use what you have available, right?

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