Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Love Etsy!

I don't sell on Etsy, yet, but I do love the whole idea of it. I am hoping to open a shop in the new year!
I have mentioned my I Love Etsy blog on here a few times before, but never really explained what it's about.
I use Tumblr as a blogging platform. Rick got me into it a few months back, and it is an addiction. I have it set to update every 3 hours. I occasionally post more often, but the minimum is every 3 hours. I am hoping to get that to every 2 hours by the new year, and every hour by the 1 year mark.
I often use the search feature on Etsy to look up random words that pop in my head. I will pick an item or two with that word to put on the blog. I also post a topic in the Promotions forum almost every day. I ask people to post ONLY the URL of their shop, or an other shop they think should be promoted. I get quite a few comments every time I post.
This has become a slight problem.
It seems that the majority of people promoting their shop in the forums are people with an inferior product, or inferior photographs. I have seen some amazing items for sale that I would have loved to promote if it weren't for the terrible photos. I have also seen some terrible products with fantastic photographs. Only a few have been able to reach both of those.
I am not pointing fingers here. I am a terrible photographer, one of the reasons there are next to no pictures on this blog that I have taken. Etsy sellers really should follow the advice of so many others. Take better photographs! Sometimes, it's as simple as using a different background. Other times, a tripod should be used (I have seen a few blurry photos floating around Etsy lately)

All this being said, I want to help out as many sellers as possible. If you sell on Etsy, leave your shop URL in the comments on this post. I also welcome the URLs of any of your favourite shops. Please keep in mind that I try to get a variety of sellers and items on there.


  1. I think some folks really like my pieces....and on my blog, my photography! But you're correct, photography brings down a lot of great products...and you're also right, the converse is also true! I love Etsy too, but my gripe these days is the deep discounting of the craftsperson's labors...we're nearing the prices of "Made in China" and that's not right and I choose not to participate in that part of the online shopping experience!
    Drop a note if you have any questions or comments...and good luck if you choose to try your own shop!!


  3. I sure could use all the advertising I can get.
    My latest item is called The Perfect Gift
    Thanks in advance

  4. I agree with the photography part! Perhaps Santa will drop a new camera down my chimney:)
    Just followed your blog -its great!

  5. Photography AND a great product are essential!
    And a friend of mine with both:

  6. oOo here's my shop: