Thursday, November 12, 2009

Working at Made In Windsor

I'm currently sitting and working at Made In Windsor, knitting a dishcloth for a Christmas gift.
This is one of the best, most inspiring places for me to knit. I am surrounded by other hand crafted items, there are wonderful smelling candles nearby, and amazing local music playing almost constantly.
There are also really neat classes going on almost every week. I've taken a couple of them, and made some really neat stuff.
This picture is actually from the last time I worked and took a class. I don't often wear dresses, and chose to wear one for just such an occasion.
The store is fantastic and has a ton of amazing people selling amazing things. I have already purchased myself a t shirt by a fantastic local graphic designer, and I plan on getting a few gifts for other important people in my life. Can't talk about those, because I know they read the blog!
If you happen to be nearby (Windsor, Ontario and surrounding area) you should really pop in and have a look. It's located at 1465 Ottawa St. The hours are on the MIW blog, if you are interested.

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