Friday, June 18, 2010

Pretty pink iPhone case

I just finished sewing up an iPhone case a few minutes ago. I love knitting these, the sewing up, not so much. It looks a little wonky in the picture, so I stretched and straightened after the photo, then put my iPhone in. Then realized I wouldn't be able to take a photo that way and laughed at myself. The button is a really nice simple white shank button with a metal shank and little metal bit showing on the front. It looks really nice with the pink yarn. I do have to find more inexpensive shank-style buttons because my small stash is starting to run out. Perhaps I could use beads instead... No lack of supply there!
I have enough of this yarn to make a hair bow, and possibly half of another bow after the first.
I am going to be bringing this case along with my first batch of hair bows into Made In Windsor either today or sometime next week.
I have also completed another neck warmer with the off-white Thick and Quick I bought last week. That is in my "art show" pile. None of those things have their ends woven in. I am not sure if I will regret this later on down the line or not. Haha.
The airy dusty pink triangle scarf is still a work in progress. I have started feeling a bit burnt out on the fine yarn, fine needles, and endless yards of garter stitch.
OH NO!!! Ok, so, I knit while I am writing these posts, and an entire row of the triangle scarf has to be pulled out and re-knit. There are several odd mistakes in ONE ROW! This is awful and awesome at once. First, I found the mistakes right away, second, it's all in one place more or less. But, this yarn is a pain in my butt!!!
Hopefully this works out, I need to focus!
Edited to add only seconds later; I DROPPED A STITCH 10 ROWS BACK! I AM SO AFRAID RIGHT NOW!

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