Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And then all was right in the world

You probably remember in my last post that I was having issues with my neck thing.
Well, all the problems were quickly resolved! I managed to undo the knitting back the 12 or 14 rows and pick up all the stitches once again. it took about an hour and a half to redo all the knitting I lost.
I have now set it aside, and picked up a few other projects. I started another hair bow, a dishcloth, started and finished a neck warmer, and I've been messing around with ideas for more warmers.
I am going to work on cleaning out my yarn closet very very soon.

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  1. You won a contest on my blog. PLease email me at knitpurlmama at gmail dot com to get you prize!

    Thanks for the wishes on my pregnancy - it is a girl!