Sunday, May 4, 2008

Charity Knitting

Over at Homespun Helpers, there is a Personal Achievement contest going on from now until Labour Day Weekend.
I'm going to be making a ton of these cute hats on my Knifty Knitters from now till then. I have a load of scrap yarns that will be perfect for these!
The red and orange-y one here was made on the second smallest loom (I think the red one) and the rest were made on the blue one.
These have all been made since... Thursday, except the first three.
Red and orange-y made of an unknown bulky weight, blue made from Bernat Baby Clouds, green made from Lion Homespun.

The pastel rainbow is one of my favourite yarns. I have about 3/4 of the skein left. I wish I kept the label. White and rainbow is made of Red Heart sport weight something or other (the colorway is called "crayon", I think) and white. The bottom one is actually a very pale blue at the brim, to a very pale purple at the top.These are awesome. No idea what brand, but it's all the same.
The left is a very pale pink, and the right is purple. Both double stranded with white, and they both have a slight sparkle to them.
Some fuzzy rainbow variegated with white.
The left is mostly white with pink, purple and blue flecks. The right is double stranded blue and green.

Once again, a ton of ends to weave in. I'm going to wait till just before I donate them, and do them all at once.

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