Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An update

This past week has been somewhat stressful. Work has been dramatic, school, more so. I'm teetering on the edge of dropping out. Well, dropping my co-op placement, at the very least.
In KNITTING NEWS! Not much...
I finished ONE measly dishcloth. I have a couple more on the needles, and they're making a little progress.
Still chugging along on the baby blankets. I haven't been working on the pink and white one very much. It's very warm, and so is the weather... Both together make for uncomfortable knitting. I did have to un-knit about 2 inches of the Ruffles blanket... I dropped a stitch, or did an unintentional m1 or SOMETHING and I had a big wonky bit.
My mom also informed me my cousin is pregnant with a baby girl... She wants me to knit her a baby blanket. This cousin is not blood related, but she's young (20, I think) and my mom bought the yarn. It's called Bernat Baby Blanket. It's super soft, and I'm assuming a JUMBO size of some of their regular yarn... Each skein is enough for a 29x29 blanket. I got 4: 2 girl colours, and 2 boy colours. Then, on the off chance she has a boy, I'm covered. Plus, I will have enough in case my mom's family decides to add more to the clan.
Put it this way: up until 5 years ago, my brother was the youngest of the grand children, and there were 2 younger great-grand children. There are now 3 more grand children, 4 great grand children and 2 more greats on the way. Nine babies in the span of about 5 years.

I think it's bed time. I will be posting pictures of all my baby blankets in progress in the next little bit. I HAVE MY CAMERA, but it eats batteries.

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhh Nicole, Thanks for the comments on my blog..but dearheart...Listowel is on YOUR side of the river! And here I am jealous that you can go shop without worry of the border crossing!

    Oh, and can you belive that I've never been yarn shopping in Port Huron, even though I grew up very near there! Sad, but oh so true!