Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A few issues

I just changed the layout again.
I think I like this one beter. The colours are a little more fun.
There is something crazy going on with said layout. It could just be my computer... When I get home from school/co-op/work I will check again, hopefully it will have fixed itself.
In Knitting News, the Creamsickle blanket is just over half way done. I have about 3 inches knit since I joind the second skein. Also, the pink and white blanket is getting there... I'm not sure if I'm going to make that one a square, or continue till I'm out of yarn. I'll post a picture here when I get to that point, for sure.
I have 2 Grandma's Favourite cloths on the needles. They're my TV knitting... I don't have to pay attention when I knit those.
I'm looking for soap moulds online, in the shape of Awareness Ribbons. I think I'm going to make some up, and sell them with the ribbon cloths.

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