Sunday, June 1, 2008

the blankets, ohhhh, the blankets

Finally getting around to updating!

As always, life is dramatic. Colin's dad had a heart attack last Saturday. He's doing much better now, still very weak, but alive. A week or so before that, a friend of the family passed away. Cancer...

Been working my usual shifts. Got a lot of the information on the buyout. That's happening September 26th. I'm hoping by that point, I will have started selling on Etsy, and I will have an other job.

As for the blankets... When I have several things on the needles at once, I tend to bounce around between projects. This way, I knit a lot, but I don't see a whole lot of progress... The exception to this, is the Ruffles blanket. I can see each repeat very easily in that pattern. It's a very simple pattern, but oh so cute. Its about 3 feet wide, foot or so long... That sounds backwards, but it makes sense to me! I think it will come out to stroller blanket size.
Sorry for the low quality picture... My camera didn't want to photograph the awesomeness of this blanket. You can sort of see the ruffles.

I still have the pink and white striped one on the needles. That one is making slow progress, noticeable, but slow. Finally, the Bernat Baby Blanket yarn. Super soft, super fuzzy. All the fuzz has been causing some headaches. There are a few small holes that resulted from either a YO, a missed stitch, or something. About 3 of them.

Pardon the mess that is my bed. It's been super hot lately, and I sleep with no covers on. That's the polka-dot mess at the end of the bed.

Other than all this, I went to a Stitch and Chat for Blankets for Canada. I knit one 8 inch square so far, but I'm going to start on an other one as soon as i finish one of these blankets. I'm determined to make at least 50 items for charity by labour day.

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  1. i am completely in love with the second one.

    i went to the Blankets for Canada website and it's such a great idea!