Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's Summer!

Over the past few days, it's been high school exams all over the place. I was a lucky one, and only had 2; one practical, and one written. I aced the written, that's for sure, and I did much better on he practical than I had hoped for. The main thing: We had to be able to roll a perm in 45 minutes. It took me 38. I did a victory dance when I found that one out.

I have kept up with my knitting, which is a good idea. I have the pink and white striped blanket that I finished a few days ago. It's fantastic. I forgot to measure it, and I'm icing my knee right now, so if anyone is curious, I can measure it later.That's the one! Sitting on the ugly, over stuffed, under-sized couch. For size comparison, I guess? if it was twice as wide, I would consider keeping it for myself.

This is just to show the colour contrast. Its a very soft, really girly baby pink. I used one pink skein and one white skein of Bernat Baby Clouds. I bought them both on sale at Michael's.

I have something to request of all the readers. I want to know about how many of you come here regularly. If you could just leave a comment on here and state your name, and how you found this blog, that would be fantastic!


  1. Hello!

    I found you from the LJ knitting group. The blanket is lovely! I like how it is a subtle pink too. So many pink things are a SCREAMING pink. The softer shades are prettier I think.

    How long have you been knitting?

  2. ljrags: I have been knitting for, oh, about 5 years? I'm not quite sure. I learned in Girl Guides.

  3. Hi! I found you through Homespun Helpers. I don't actually visit your blog very often. I seem to be your only Google reader subscriber, and that's how I read your blog.

    Your blanket really is lovely!

  4. my name is samamntha. you sent me the link :)

    i really love how subtle and soft the pink is too! when i have babies, i want you to make me one :D