Sunday, April 12, 2009

I am cheating today!

For those who celebrate, Happy Easter!
I didn't start anything today, I admit it. I did finish casting off the other cowl I started the other day, though. It's done using the same "pattern" as the other cowl, same yarn, different colorway. I used the Gypsy colour. Which is amazing. I'm not a blue lover, but it has every other colour in it, plus sparkle. It's pretty sweet.

I'm running out of ideas on what to knit next. I have TONS of leftover bits or all sorts of random yarn that I want to use up, but I never know what to make out of them. If you happen to have any suggestions of what I should knit next, please let me know! Keep in mind that I can't use copyrighted patterns, because I usually sell what I make.

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