Monday, August 31, 2009

Rick's Grey Scarf and Made In Windsor

I started on the second skein a few days ago. The first one ended up giving me about 32 inches of scarf. If the other skeins are the same length, I'll likely only need 4 of them.
I still love knitting it, but it's starting to get to a less portable length. Do any of you have any tricks on how to keep large-ish projects portable enough to knit them on a city bus, or in a car? I'm scared the end is going to drag on the floor. I will likely post a photo of the scarf in the next few days.

In other news, I have sold an other hat at Made In Windsor! I am hoping to bring a couple more items in at some point this week to replace the two that have sold so far. If I sell at least 2 items a month, I will be incredibly happy. This shoudln't be hard, as long as everyone keeps promoting the store.


  1. roll it up and stick knitting needles/chop sticks in it to keep it together.

  2. Hello!!Visiting here..Following your blog