Monday, December 7, 2009

Knitting Machine Yarn

My mom was recently given a large bag of cones of knitting machine yarn. A woman who was friends with both of my maternal grandparents had it sitting in her basement for a while. She heard through the grapevine that I knit items for charity, and wanted to give me the yarn. (I haven't been doing as much charity knitting lately, but I have been trying to do some.)
I am trying to think of what I could make out of this yarn. So far, nothing has come to mind because it is so fine.
My other option is to donate the yarn to Blankets 4 Canada, to see if they can use it. I know that in the past, machine yarn has been used, held double, or even triple, to make some of the squares.
If you were given about 15 cones of knitting machine yarn, what would you make? (If you didn't have access to a knitting machine, of course.)


  1. Oh you lucky duck . I use a lot of machine yarn .i ball it 4 strands thick .it goes for miles . i have been making chemotherapy beanies.i have acute leukaemia .
    take the beanies to hospital when i go and share them out with other ladies .Also made some shawlsperhaps you could do the same sally

  2. What about lace knitting? Maybe things like table runners or dresser scarves as well as shawls.

  3. I've frogged a couple of sweaters from Goodwill that ended up being machine yarn. Holding double or triple or more does work well. I've made washclothes, hats, mittens, and most recently Christmas ornaments.

  4. I would make dog clothes! My pup needs a new sweater!! I think Cozy's idea would be good, lace knitting. I want to learn how to do that sometime.