Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thinking about using Ravelry

I signed up for Ravelry quite some time ago, but I rarely use it.
I do sign in when I want to see some patterns, and when I want to look at yarn, but I don't have my stash listed, or things I'd like to knit, nor do I use any of the other features that I am not even sure if they exist.I am thinking of starting to use it for those purposes in the near future. Stash more than anything. I never know what I have, and what I need to get when the sales at Michael's are on. Also, when I get requests for custom items, I would like to know if I have the require yarn "in stock", so to speak. This would save me a lot of time, simply by eliminating extra trips to the yarn store, or wasting time online looking for yarn that may be out of my budget.
I do have some issues with Ravelry though, and it's not the site itself, but me and my stash. I am given a lot of yarn that is not a full skein, is missing its label or is otherwise difficult, if not impossible, to identify. Also, I am often without camera, so I wouldn't be able to photograph the yarn to add it to my stash. Lastly, I rarely, if ever, use patterns. This could make things sort of goofy when I use the yarn, and have no way of recording how or when it was used.
Maybe I'm complicating things, and Ravelry is much simpler than this. Like I said, I haven't really used the site. What are your thoughts on Ravelry?


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  2. Sounds interesting, but I think I would have the same problem as you describe about patterns.

  3. Hi, I'm a crocheter (also teaching myself how to knit) and also a member of Ravelry. I also have problems with listing my yarns for there are very few in my country. But I've been active there for quite sometime now. What I like about it is that we can share our projects to others who share the same interest. And there are a lot of free patterns that we can try. But if you don't use patterns, maybe find an inspiration for your projects.

  4. I am on Raverly most of the day! I guess having an online yarn shop I want to be kept in the loop! LOL

    I'm knitpurlmama if you want to friend me!