Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Large scale baby blanket knitting

Here is my blanket so far. I'm 8 rows in, and I am way too excited for this thing. It is being made out of a GIANT skein of Bernat Baby Boucle in Buttercup, and one in Rosey Posey.
When I say giant skeins, I mean enormous. They are 330g (10.5 ounces). Which works out to 499 meters or 546 yards. I have nearly a kilometer of yarn here!
It's a very easy knit, I am just doing garter stitch for simplicity's sake. Two rows of each colour. I like doing striped projects because I can see my progress quite nicely.
I am going to work on weaving in ends on a few finished projects today so that I can get them ready for Made In Windsor. I still need to figure out what I am going to have in the store over the warmer months. I thought about doing more baby blankets, but I have yet to sell one there. Perhaps if I lower the price by a few dollars? I have to figure out something soon.


  1. Love the colors and the fluffy texture. Very nice! :-)

  2. Those colors look nice together! Ah yes, weaving in ends... my least favorite thing. I'm crocheting an afghan for my SIL that has WAY too many ends to weave in! Can you really get enough by selling the blankets to be worth your time? I never thought that seemed possible.