Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two Finished Objects, One Picture.

As part of my 101 project, I have set myself a few knitting related goals. The first is to knit 101 scarves and neck warmers. I also have yarn bombing related goals, and I would like to use up all of my cotton yarn.
I finished a rainbow dishcloth last night, and added it to the pile of other cloths I have floating around the house. I still haven't gotten bored of knitting the same cloth over and over again, but I am considering mixing things up a bit. I will probably start making some other basic cloths in the near future, depending on how all of my other knitting goes.
I have sold a couple of cloths at Made In Windsor, which is great.

The other awesome knitted item in the photo is a neck warmer. It's made from Lion Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Black. I think 8mm needles, 56 stitches. It's just a K2P2 rib, but I think it makes this yarn look fantastic.
I've started an other neck warmer, this one in Hazelnut. Everything else is the same.

I will keep updating with pictures as often as possible. I know I am a horrible photographer, but I am hoping to improve, at least slightly, with time.

I got paid from Made In Windsor the other day. This payment included most of the days leading up til Christmas, and I made quite a few sales. So many, in fact, that this payment was larger than all the others combined! If you purchased something from me, I really hope you, or the recipient, are enjoying it!

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  1. Nicole- That is great! I was never very successful at selling my items, even though I'm a good knitter/ crocheter/ crafter. Not sure why that is, exactly. I used to do custom sewing and made a living from that, but the yarn things never sold well. I think maybe I don't choose to make things people want, although I find that hard to believe. I wish you great success!