Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lost Projects and Some Progress

Do you ever lose track of some of your WIPs? Starting too many things in a short time frame, and just forgetting some. Or putting something heavy/warm (like a blanket of wool sweater) away for the warmer months, and the next time the cold hits, it slips your mind.
I went looking for some particular yarn the other day, and I came across a shawl and a blanket I started last winter. I don't remember ever blogging about the shawl, but the blanket I definitely have. They're both pretty neat items, and I'll be super happy once they're finished. I'm working on the shawl right now. It's pale pink, super thin, slightly fuzzy yarn. I totally love it.

I haven't forgotten about the Boneyard shawl. I recently joined the fourth (of six) skeins. I love how this yarn (Patons SWS) spit splices! I've never done that before this project, but it's awesome! I will soon post photos of the shawl. It's just hard to do now because it's all bunched up on the needles.

I have also been slowly sewing up baby booties that I had made over the summer. I have a store I want to bring them to, I just have to make some to have ready when they need them. I need to figure out a way to tag them. I want to have some sort of contact information attached to them, but I want it to be super professional looking.

What have all of you been up to?

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