Sunday, November 7, 2010

Very Good Things

For those of you who are new to my blog, every Sunday I post about the Very Good Things that have happened during the week prior. There have been quite a few this week.
  • I started my new job at Rino's Kitchen. This is a new, awesome cafe, owned by an awesome dude.
  • Found out I will start working on Monday at Teaopia. This is just for the holidays. I worked there last year, as well.
  • I've sold at least 4 things at my art show. Hopefully more since I last checked.
  • I've made HUGE progress on my Boneyard shawl.
  • Rick has been absolutely awesome.
  • I helped a lost little chihuahua find her way home yesterday.
  • We went out to see Ricks family last night
Life has been good! I just wish I could shake this darn cold.

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  1. If we know how to count our blessings in life, surely even the simplest things can mean a lot to us.