Monday, June 3, 2013

Sorry For the Radio Silence

It's been a while since my last post. Life has gotten in the way, and some things just needed to take a break, this blog being one of them.
My boyfriend of nearly four years and I have decided to take some time apart from each other, and I've moved back into my parents. It's been very difficult, but I have a pretty good support system. I'm in the process of sorting my belongings and deciding what to put into storage, and what to keep in my parents already full house. I'm also attempting to get a transfer to a Beer Store closer to home. I'm about 45 minutes away from my current store, which is a bit of a trek. In addition to this, I'm trying to find a second job to help get me out of debt faster. Crossing my fingers for that.
Thank you for your kind words on Facebook, twitter and the comments on here. They mean a lot. I hope to be back with some actual knitting content very soon.

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