Friday, August 9, 2013

More Stash Down Progress

This past week, I've been busy knitting away. A lot of knitting is happening, but not much can be shared, as it's all stuff for the rebrand. I can share this one sneak peek picture, which gives nothing away.
Those are my Pymatuning Crafts buttons I got a little while back. This is the first project I've used them on, and seriously, I am in love!!! I initially got them for the baby photo props I made, but I had no luck selling those, and kind of gave up.
I've knit eight of these mystery items, and used up FOUR balls of yarn in the process. Well, almost, I guess. The balls left over were too small to do anything with, so I am donating them to LeeLee hats to use to make stripes on their hats. Anyway,  this brings me to +60. This puts me back at 5.5 skeins to be eliminated per week. I'm confident I can make some progress soon! I have quite a few half finished projects on the needles that I am going to get finished soon!
How are your projects going?

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