Monday, August 5, 2013

Working on the Rebrand

As you may know, in October, I will no longer be creating under the Knit, Nicole, Knit! name. I won't be disappearing, though, so don't worry! I can't share what my new name is, but it is not knitting specific. Here is a sneak peek at what some of the branding will look like.
I am LOVING how everything is turning out. My friend Christine is doing my branding, and is doing an amazing job. I am going to be ordering business cards, earring cards, and tags for the knitwear this week. I am getting so excited.
I've been working on creating new items for the new brand, which is so much fun. I'm trying to have a more consistent line, by using the same yarns in many of my projects. This means that a lot of my stash is no longer suited to what I need. I will not be getting rid of it though! I'll still continue to knit with them, and sell the finished objects at a discount. I've thought about giving the yarn away, and even selling it, but I would never get the money back that I paid for it. Plus, nearly everything I have now is stuff that I really like. The only reason I am not planning on using it for the new business is that it is vintage, or otherwise impossible to find.
Not much longer till the launch. October is coming up fast!

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