Monday, March 17, 2008

The Craft Show


Well, the craft show is done. It was this past Saturday, the 15th, and in my opinion, it went OK. Not great. Not terrible. Just OK.
I sat just inside the main doors, next to Sam, and on the her other side, was my cousin Kelly selling cards. Next to Kelly, was Cindy, selling tea.
It wasn't as busy as I had hoped for. Some of the vendors did do fairly well, though. That is Sam at her booth. Hers was by far the most creative booth out of all the vendors. I was totally promoting the life out of her booth, telling everyone that she was selling cat toys. She sold a few, I wish she sold more.

Here is the grease-ball. AKA me. You can see the dishcloths right in front. I sold all the ones that had something on them, except for one of the ribbon cloths.
That's something else I do. I make hemp and beaded bracelets and necklaces. Until I just looked at this picture, I never realised how many I have made. Sam's fish-on-a-fluffy-stick, as modeled by Laura.
SOME of the scarves I have made. I'm guilty of the over use of novelty yarn. The orange scarf on the left, and the orange-y one on the right were the only 2 that sold at the show. I didn't expect to sell any, being mid-March and all.

That's it for the pic-spam. I'm hoping to do an other show in mid-fall.

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