Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Yellow Dishcloth

Since my last update, I've been terribly sick. In that time, I have only been able to knit 6 rows, so I'm up to row 28. Or something. I have no idea, I might have to frog part of it. I may have knit some rows more than once.

I hate being sick.

Anyway, here is a picture of the cloth, thus far because the picture on the site doesn't work. Excuse the terrible lighting, and the cell phone picture, I'm still not feeling that great, and darkness is my friend right now.

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  1. i knitted my first washcloth ever last night! i messed up, but i continued through it because i don't know how to undo entire rows? so i started another tonight and i was determined not to mess up since it's for my grandma, but i did and i just undid all 24 rows :(

    the rest of my original comment turned into a blog entry basically, lol, so check out my bl0g.