Sunday, March 23, 2008


I went to Michael's with Sam yesterday. Spent only about 60$ on yarn. A bunch of Red Heart Baby Clouds (for baby blankets) and some Bernat Cotton Tots (for dishcloths).
I will post pictures once I get my camera back from downstairs.
Right now, I'm going to knit this cloth out of yellow Cotton Tots.
Here is my status. It's also going to eliminate the ned to print a copy of the pattern.
9:00 am: started
9:54 am: finished row 5
Had Easter Breakfast with the family here. I havn't had eggs in a long time. This breakfast reminded me why. Bleh! I did have Boca Breakfast Links, though. I LOVE those!
10:33 am: just finished row 7. The way this is looking, I look like a terribly slow knitter! I've been watching movies, and talking to my mom about what I'm trying to do with all the yarn I bought last night!
10:43 am: Row 10 complete. Taking a break to get dressed and ready for the day!
10:55 am: Row 12 complete.
12:00: Row 15 complete, and off to Easter brunch
1:45 pm: Finished row 22.
My skein of yarn exploded. there must have been a tangle on the inside, because about half the skein came out with a slight tug on the working end of the yarn.

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