Monday, October 13, 2008

The blanket!

I lost my camera AGAIN, but I realized I would be a terrible knit-blogger if I didn't post a single "In Progress" picture of this blanket.
I'm getting pretty close to finishing the second skein. The deli department employee in me tells me each skein is around three quarters of a pound (340g). So, if that is correct, this blanket will weigh in at 3 pounds. This weight is only relevant when it comes time to ship the blanket. Which I hope is at least 2 full weeks before Christmas, if I have to ship from Canada. If I do manage to get across the border before Christmas, I'm hoping one week MINIMUM shipping from Michigan.
This picture was taken while I was changing from the large needle to the small needle, about half was across. That little rectangle in there is a regular hockey card. Why a hockey card? It's the only thing I could find that is a standard size that one could see on top of the blanket in a cell phone picture. My brother (who owns that hockey card) will argue with me saying it's a standard size, because apparently, that set is MILLIMETERS smaller/larger than the standard size. Either way, it shows the scale of the blanket. The colours, not so much. There is quite a bit more variegation than the picture shows. BUT! you can sort of see the way it ruffles! If you squint. Or something. Maybe I'm making this up. I can see the ruffles, where I used the smaller and larger needles, and the colour variegation.
But I might be crazy.

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