Friday, January 23, 2009

Blankets for Canada

A few days ago, Samantha, Dan and I went to a Blankets for Canada meeting. This is the second time I had attended one of these nights, and their first. I brought a few squares I had made over the past few months, as well as one that I had on the needles.

This is the square I had on the needles when I got there. I have NO IDEA what sort of yarn it is, because I acquired it through someone else when they were cutting down their stash. After finishing this one, I used a skein of dusty pink, fairly thin yarn paired with an off white to make my second square. I finished it a day or two after the meeting, and I will bring it in next time we go. The squares are quick to knit, and very little thought is required while knitting them. I follow the Grandma's Favourite pattern, until I get 8 inches on one side, and then start decreasing. It's my nearly fail-proof way of getting a perfect square.

This is Dan and his square. Which is much improved over his knit "thing" when he first started knitting. I'm not sure of his progress on the square, but I'm sure Sam will keep me updated!
(As nearly always, the pictures are courtesy of the loverly Samantha)

Charity knitting is something I have done in the past, and it's something anyone can do. I'm hoping to continue making squares with my leftover bits for as long as I am knitting!

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  1. whens the next meeting?? also, thank you for not using the horrible hair picture of me lolol