Thursday, January 8, 2009

Entrecard Multitasking

In my last post, Linh of Crafting Bliss asked how I manage to knit and drop Entrecards at the same time. This is something that is easily doable, especially if you have a somewhat slow internet connection.
The first step is to log into Entrecard and go to your Drops Inbox. In the drop-down menu, select Cards you Haven't Dropped On. This eliminates repeats during the next step.
I then proceed to open every single card in a new tab in my internet browser. Browsers are different, but generally, right clicking on the Entrecard and selecting Open Link In New Tab does the job.
Once I open all the cards that were shown on the first page (usually around 20 to 30) I wait, because all the pages will take time to load. Instead of sitting mindlessly, I grab my knitting. I try to knit at least 2 rows on a scarf or 1 row on a blanket before I go to drop the cards.
As I drop the card, I close the window. Once I get down to just the Drops Inbox window, I refresh the page and start all over again!
This is my method of card dropping. I prefer to drop back on people that have dropped on me in the past. If you have any other suggestions, or would like me to drop on your site, please leave a comment!


  1. Somehow I find it impossible to concentrate on sewing my bags while dropping EC's. I usually reserve and hour or two for just dropping and reading a couple of interesting posts.
    Dropping is nerve-wracking at times...

  2. What an awesome idea! I never thought of knitting while dropping. :)

  3. i'm new to entrecard. what a great idea!

  4. Thanks I am BRAND new at this! I will have to read this again to digest it. I hear of people saying they drop 300 a day and I am like huh?