Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just so you know!

I have modified the way my posting works if you read my blog in Google Reader. I have changed a setting so only part of the post is shown, and you have to click the title to see the rest of it. I prefer blogs that are posted in this manner when I read them, and I'm hoping you do as well!
If I get a lot of requests to change it back, that's not a problem, I will.
Also, Sunday is a busy day for me, and I will not have time to start something new, let alone post about it! I am still working on the Blossom scarf, and a dishcloth or 2 and one square. I do plan on starting something at some point this week, and I will post about it then!


  1. oh so glad I popped in ..
    love your blog... and your creations
    all our love
    mona & the girls

  2. Well, when internet is slow it's annoying to have to click through to read a complete post.

    I don't know how other people think about that.

    I have in the sidebar the titles of the lats posts, so there can be a quick look anyway.

  3. I'm with Laane, I don't like to go somewhere else to finish reading something; and don't really understand the purpose of doing that. Why go to 2 places to one thing? I also don't know what the benefit of google reader is, and is it something everyone has? Thought I read that the more things people ad the more bandwidth is needed the slower things load etc.?? Though I am not techy enough to understand all that I read.

    The few blogs I've come to with click here to read the rest of the article/story are kinda frustrating and I've stopped clicking to read the end and therefore don't post comment.

    Would love though for you to swing by and explain, will help me learn.

    Go Knit Nicole...what are you working on these days?
    as always, welcome mats out