Sunday, February 8, 2009

A new square!

No surprise here, it's Sunday and I started something new! I finished an other square yesterday, so I had my B4C needles empty and waiting for something new. I dug through my stash and found 2 small balls of eye lash yarn in blue/green colourways. I didn't think either one would be enough to make one square, so I am striping the two. I am holding them both with the same skein of white worsted weight the whole way through. So far, I haven't had any huge issues with tangles, and I am hoping to avoid them.
I will soon post pictures of all the squares I have done so far. I am trying to make each one different, and I have enough yarn to do this for at least 50 squares! The next meeting is tomorrow night, I'm going to bring all the squares I have in and they will help make a blanket to keep a Canadian warm!


  1. dan and i will be there and i'll take pictures of your squares for your blog if you want :)

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