Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not so much knitting...

I haven't been knitting much lately. I have been working on the B4C square, but not much else. I have, however, been sitting under my blanket. And I have had to fight with every member of my family to get MY blanket back from them.
Apparently, this blanket, even though it's somewhat small, is everyone's new favourite.
I am hoping to knit more blankets in the near future, but storage is becoming an issue. All my stash now fits in the storage I have for it. Nothing is on the floor, in a plastic bag or otherwise. And that, although nice, is stopping me from buying anymore yarn until I do have storage for it.


  1. Oh goodness I went to the craftstore and bought tons of yarn (major sale) on top of all my other yarn I had. It's all piled high in a laundry basket! I feel your pain!

  2. B4C square, translate please. How bout a few of those nice plastic storage bins to put some stash in, then cover it with a nice cloth, add a small light weight lamp on top and you've got storage and function.


  3. Sandy, a B4C square is Blankets for Canada square. It's similar to Warm up America! but our squares are 8x8.