Monday, September 6, 2010

The Made In Windsor Crafters Market

The past three Sunday's I have been at the Made In Windsor crafter's market in downtown Windsor. It's been going on for about a month now, and has been steadily improving every week. I didn't have my items put out to sell because I was selling some shirts for Shane. It was kind of a quiet day, I am assuming because of the Labour Day weekend. Hopefully it will be bigger and better next week.
Among all the set up and making sure everything was in order, I did manage to start a baby blanket for a gift. I got a couple inches done, and I'm super happy with it. The yarn I am using is a HUGE ball of remnant yarn from Zellers. I got two balls of it, and one should finish a whole blanket. I have no idea what sort of yarn it is, but it's super colourful and super soft.

At the market, I got three pairs of super cute earrings from someone I hadn't met before named Kelly. Turns out she is my friend's step sister, and a favourite teacher's step daughter. Small world.

I am planning on doing all of my holiday gift-getting at the market this year. I have some gifts from certain vendors already picked out, I just need to remember to bring money with me to buy them one of these days.

There was also a very nice gentleman named Mark Bradley who took some amazing photographs. He took the one of my laughing my head off at the top of this post as well as a few others that I will be posting soon.


  1. Very cute little photo. Well, if no sales, some outside work time amongst others is always a plus, right?

  2. Sounds like you are doing well. Those craft shows can be a real guessing game.

  3. Hi Nicole
    Totally weird I noticed you on the LeeLee Hat Facebook group, then I typed in Windsor Crafters and you popped up again.
    I had to say hello.
    LeeLee Hats