Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More baby booties! And business cards, too.

Six pairs completed, and no signs of stopping!
I have been on a roll with these things! I am definitely enjoying making them, and modifying them to my needs. I have omitted the cuff on many pairs, and made most of them with stripes. I have also changed the needle size. They're working out really well.
The pink and white striped pair might be a gift for a relative who is having a baby. I may knit her a blanket instead, haven;t decided yet. The other two pairs are nice multi-coloured yarns I found in my stash. I have a few pairs that still need to be sewn up. One in purple and white and one in a really cool bright blue and white.
I will have a few pairs out for sale at this Sunday's Open Air Crafter's Market, and I'll be bringing some into rEvolution as soon as I get some business cards made.
On that note, Rick has designed some really awesome cards for me! I need to send them in to have them printed, and decide what type of paper I want them on. I will also have hang tags made so I can have the price right on the item for sale. This is so exciting for me!
I will keep you all posted on how this goes.

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  1. Those booties are adorable. I crochet & Love to crochet to babies.