Sunday, September 12, 2010

Very Good Things!

Doing this post every week helps show me that life isn't all bad as it has been feeling at times. These are my Very Good Things this week:

  • Starting and finishing a fairly large baby blanket in exactly 7 days
  • Going on a road trip with Rick
  • Having awesome chocolate and tarts from a really "sweet" indie business
  • Seeing some really neat places in Ontario that I hadn't seen in a while
  • Checking out the Artists Co-op in Owen Sound
  • Rick buying me the awesome shawl from the co-op
  • Winston being as good as he was during the whole trip
  • Spending time with my little family unit
There were lots more, but these are the ones that stick out the most.
What were your Very Good Things this week?

1 comment:

  1. This is such a great exercise in keeping your outlook positive! I know I tend to look at the down side of most hills, so I should start writing down the good things that happen over time too. Motivating, no?