Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tagging my items

This is my tagging process. I am starting with little squares of paper. I cut a whole GIANT sheet of pink construction paper, and one in blue. The pink will be for the darker items, and the blue will be for the lighter ones. I figure this will make it a bit easier to find the tags on the items in a dark bar. I also have slightly smaller tags for my smaller items, like the iPhone cases and hair bows.
I am then punching teeny tiny little heart shaped holes into. I wanted to do normal sized circles, but I have no idea where that punch is. This is cute, in any case. I used to use this for my tags back when my knitted stuff was all cutesy and I did all my craft shows at nursing homes and churches. I've kind of moved past this, but the cute heart punch is here to stay, I guess.
I put pre cut string through the teeny tiny heart holes. I measured about how long I wanted the string, and figured out that if I wrap it around a little basket, It would be double the length I needed. Kind of like making tassels or fringe. So I cut all those pieces in two, and I had my string for my hang tags. I am pretty sure the string I am using is some sort of crochet cotton. Super durable.
Then I pass the string through the knitted item, tie it in a knot, and I am good to go! Goofy looking faces, and bad hair day are not required.
I will have some photos of my tagged, finished items soon!

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