Sunday, October 31, 2010

Very AWESOME Things this week

This past week has been amazing. In case you're new, every Sunday I post my Very Good Things that have happened to me in the week prior. It's a good way to lift my mood when I'm feeling down about anything.

  • Getting the ends tied in on everything I've made since moving into the new apartment
  • Making the spreadsheet with all my finished items for the art show in it
  • Having way more made than I thought I did
  • Rick making awesome mint-pea soup
  • Getting a raise at work
  • Starting a new knitted project FOR ME!!!
  • Today is Halloween. I'm not going trick or treating or anything like that, but I still enjoy the holiday.
  • Rick bought me an awesome clothing rack as a surprise. He had it all set up when I got home from work.
  • Getting things in order to hold on contest on here!
  • Getting new knitted items made to be sold in a few local stores.
Life is good! What are your Very Good Things this week?

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