Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More knitted shawls!

As I said on Monday, here are the rest of the shawls!
They're all folded up nicely and sitting on the table next to where my computer has been set up for the past couple weeks.
Next to the stack, I have a simple Homespun scarf that I have been working on for a couple days. It's leftovers from another project I made in November or December.
I am still trying to work out how to price the shawls. This is likely the most difficult task in selling my wares. I want to price my items fairly for myself, but not so high where no one will want to buy them. I am only working one job right now (the new restaurant hasn't called me back yet, they hired too many people before they opened) and a little extra income from knitting would really help out financially.
In any case, I knit for pleasure first of all. It keeps me from going absolutely insane on bus rides and while reading blogs and such. The selling of the items is always secondary. Sure does feel great, though!

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