Saturday, September 17, 2011

Icelandic Stash Enhancement

Once I found out I was going to Iceland, I knew my yarn stash would grow. I tried to keep it reasonable, and I think I succeeded.
I purchased just nine skeins of yarn, and one of them has already been used fully. A second is about 80% used.
For some reason, they are uploading the wrong way. I've tried rotating them several times, and they don't want to stay. Anyway, six skeins of Bulkylopi from Istex. I bought all of these from the Handknitting Association of Iceland. The larger of the two stores in Reykjavik, the one on Skólavörðustígur, has quite a yarn selection. One of the medium grey has been turned into a cabled neckwarmer for Rick. It's starting to get cool here, so he should be able to wear it soon when he takes the dog out. I am making another neckwarmer for myself with the darker grey. This one is also cabled, but not in the same way as Rick's. Once they are both completed, I will have a photo of them.
The second bunch of Icelandic yarn I got is from the Thingborg Wool Centre. If I understood correctly, it is both hand spun and dyed. The label on them all say Cochineal, and I am assuming that is what was used to dye it, but I cannot be sure. Each skein is about 28 grams. I am hoping to make some sort of lacy little neck thing out of it. I'll have to see exactly how much I have, and go from there.
Two nights ago, Rick and I had to make a Michael's run for some cotton. The other lovely lady I know that is having a baby found out she is having a girl. She's not a pink fan, so I had to pick up two small skeins of another colour for her blanket. Two of the small Bernat skeins are all I picked up.
Overall, I am up 11 skeins, and then down one, for a change of +10 since the last update. This brings me to a net change of +6.
I've also knit an additional four hats for LeeLee hats, which I don't yet have a photo of. I ran a table at a show today for them, and did two of the hats there. Since I started the Knit The Stash attempt, I have made 40 items! That's not half bad, considering I started at the end of June. I am going to try to power through some of my smaller skeins so I can actually feel like I am making progress. Two steps forward, four steps back. Isn't that how it goes?

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