Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Update?

Happy Monday! Like I mentioned last week, I won't be doing the self portrait posts anymore. I look grumpy in the photos most of the time.
So I think I will be doing Monday Update type posts, where I fill you folks in on what I've been up to for the past little while.
I finished up the purple/plum scarf, and that used up the rest of the skein. I also made a brown Homespun scarf. I still have enough of that skein for at least one more. Just a few minutes ago, I finished up a spring time scarf. It's a simple drop stitch pattern that makes it nice and airy.
This weekend was the craft show in Kingsville. I sold a few items. I didn't sell nearly enough to call knitting a part time job, but I did make my goal. I am starting to track what sells, when it sells, and for how much. I am sure certain items and colours will sell better, and I want to be sure I am aware. I've been sporadically doing this since I started doing craft shows, but I really need to stay on top of things.
This is more or less how my space was set up for the weekend. We had 6x6 spaces, so I set the table along the side. I am very happy I had the wall behind me to hang my shawls and cowls from. They really drew people in to look at them. I only wish I'd sold more of them.
That wood fence looking thing belongs to the woman who was next to me (also named Nicole). She had some awesome wooden holiday decorations, all hand painted, or hand carved. It was excellent. She was super nice, and her two sons and I talked during most of the show. It was really nice having people nearby I could hang out with during the quiet times.
Overall, I had a good time at this show. I don't think I will do it again, though, as many of the other vendors were selling yard sale type items, or reselling mass produced garbage. It's almost insulting having people who do such things set up at a Craft Show.

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  1. Your set up looks great! Maybe you could set up a calendar on your side bar or something so that your local fans can come to your next event...maybe I missed something and it's already around here somewhere.