Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Awesome Wednesday: December 5, 2012

Hello everyone! It's Wednesday, and that means it's my day off! Incidentally, I have tomorrow and Friday off, as well! That's pretty awesome, I'd say. These are the awesome things that have happened over the past 7 days.

  • I received my sock yarn minis! I love them, and I can't wait to be able to knit with them.
  • I did the Christmas Craft Show. I did really well. Not as well as Made in Windsor, but not bad at all.
  • I got FOUR custom orders at the show. I finished three of them, as well as another order I got a few days before. The fourth item, a shawl, is off the needles, I just need to weave in the ends. I also got another order for a head band, which needs to be sewn up and have the ends tied in.
  • I received my yarn from Midwest Yarn! That means I can start on Christine's baby shower gift. I'm trying to be vague about this, in case she reads my blog. I have two rows done, now it's time to get into the actual pattern part.
  • I went to my little brother's hockey game. They won, with a final score of 9-6 or something like that.
  • Mom and I went out for lunch together. That was really nice.
  • Rick and I are going for all you can eat sushi this afternoon. I can't wait!
Most of this stuff is from the weekend. I didn't do much else before or after. I do have some not so awesome news, though. Winston has a terrible ear infection, and it's completely changed his personality. Our normally loving dog has started growling at Rick and I. We're not too sure what to do, other than call the vet, and likely take him in. I hope he feels better soon.

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