Friday, December 21, 2012

My Week In Instagrams: December 21, 2012

Happy first day of winter everyone!
It's almost the weekend! To be honest, I would rather it be midweek right now. Work is bonkers with people trying to stock up on beer for the holidays. Last night, on my till alone, I served over double what I normally do on a Thursday. We couldn't keep up! I had a couple jerk customers that practically threw fits when the debit/credit machine was slow. One guy was incredibly impatient and kept putting his card in before the machine was ready, which slows it down even more. So he yelled at me, and wagged his finger at me, and the next guy in line told him to calm the hell down or else. I don't know what "or else" meant, but I'm not sure I wanted to.
In any case, my week overall wasn't too bad. Here is my Instagram recap.
Oh goodness, I am a Dum Dum, I did the photos backwards! Just pretend the order of these is reversed. Sorry guys!

  1. Dum Dums. Lots and lots of them. My boss brought some delicious suckers into work for us. It keeps us happy, hyped up on sugar, and probably more productive. Seriously, Dum Dums have the best flavours: root beer, butterscotch, cream soda, mango, green apple and many more. Those are my favourites though. I'm not sure if his goal was to tell us how he really feels about us, or to keep us happy.
  2. My current mass production knitting. I'm making lots and lots of these little rectangles to be made into something awesome in the new year. I have about 10 of them made, and I want to have 50. I signed up for a craft show the first weekend of March, and I need to have more spring and summer friendly items available.
  3. A bottle of Walker's Blueberry Wheat Ale from Mill St. This is from their Summer Sampler. I still have most of that in my fridge. I really enjoyed this beer. Seriously, when I first took a sip, I put it down and said "Damn, that's good" out loud! I love Mill St products, and this one didn't disappoint.
  4. More beer! Only this is empty, and not mine. Part of my job is to buy back the empty alcohol bottles and cans that people bring back. When people put their cans back into the rings, I can't help but laugh at them. Number one, it's a hard thing to do. Number two, it's annoying as all get out because we have to remove them from the rings before putting them into our giant recycling bin. It's just a silly thing that lightens the mood at work.
  5. Tim Horton's dinner. I like their chicken wraps, and I got one this night. It's dangerous having a Tim's right across the street from work.
  6. Knitting! This is for the female family member. I will post a better photo, with details of what it is, after she receives it!
  7. Another beer! This one is Steam Whistle, which has been my favourite beer for a while. I had this before going out to a Christmas party with a friend.
  8. Winston has been a trouble maker lately. He's been banished to his bed. He tries to inch across the floor and come be close to Rick or it. I would hear his nails scuffle on the cement floor, and turn around and see him laying like this. This is his guilty look.
  9. I made gnocchi with mushrooms and sauce for dinner one night when Rick and his parents were gone. I love gnocchi.
Overall, this past week wasn't too bad. I got most of the rest of my holiday shopping done. I just need to wrap a couple things, and pick up one last gift and I'll be set!

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